Wednesday, 17 October 2007

10% discount on Rain's Daegu concert tickets

I got this is my private e-mail today. I have no idea how it got there because I believe I have not surfed to AHABA before. What on earth is AHABA? I only know Swedish quartet ABBA :-P.

Anyways, let's not gripe about information that practically fell into my lap. Whoever sent the e-mail, 감사합니다!

Click on pic for the larger version

Yo Rain lovers, here's your chance to get tickets to the Energizer Bunny's final I'm Coming World Tour concert at a 10% discount! The curtain will be coming down at Daegu on Oct 27 and you'll get to watch it for RM432 or KRW117,000.

The "Ticketing" button actually links to the AHABA site where you can purchase the tix at the special price.

Have fun if you're going. Give the Energizer Bunny my best :-P.

5 Reasons why Rain looks forward to Daegu Concert

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rainbowlove88 said...

Ahhhh opppaaaa....I wanna see you last time concert. I miss you before you go to America :-(

fraulein said...

That works out to 216 SGD which is pretty affordable... anyone knows if is it a full length concert or just a showcase? Bi's last attempt to rally his fans before he ditches them to go on his american conquest !!
Too bad imma grounded til next year.


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