Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Snow Queen on Malaysia's 8TV

Korean drama The Snow Queen (2006) starts airing on Malaysia's 8TV tonight (17 Oct, 2007)! The 16-episode KBS drama which pays tribute to Korean legendary boxer Kim Deuk-gu stars hottie Hyun Bin (woo hoo!) and Sung Yu-ri.

The drama is also loosely based on Han Christian Andersen's novel of the same name.

Catch it on Malaysia's terrestrial 8TV at 8:30pm weekdays.

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inquinn said...

dang. shouldn't have wasted my time downloading the series

oh, my sister said they're showing 'spring waltz' on tv2. not sure about the time and days though

Orchid said...

Hi inquinn,

I am not happy with the version of The Snow Queen on 8TV because it is dubbed in Mandarin. I can't hear HyunBin's voice. :-( Gotta get the DVD box set if the drama is nice.

Is Spring Waltz good?

inquinn said...

oh well, i like 'spring waltz' because the
i) locations used in the drama is simply breathtaking
ii) the lead actor is kinda cute
iii) there's suju's shiwon! although his hair in this drama is just hideous.
but of course it's dubbed in mandarin as well :( seriously msian tv, why? why?

Orchid said...

Although i dislike the Mandarin dubbing, i think i know why Msian TV does that - to reach a wider audience.
1) It's dubbed in Mandarin
2) They have Malay subtitles

So actually that sort of covers all Malaysians. Chinese, Malay, Indians can understand or read. Like for my illiterate mom...she can understand the Mandarin. If it is in Korean, she can't understand at all. Thus will not watch.

I just wish we are able to toggle between the Korean and Mandarin dialog. That would be cool. :-)

Liz said...

I so dislike Mandarin-dubbed shows that I didn't watch it :-P

inquinn said...

yeaa but it spoils the feel. the dramas are unique for the language partly, and it's disturbing when the dialogues and lips movements don't match. but i don't think anything we say will be able to change the fact that they will all be dubbed anyway :)

Orchid said...

Yeah i agree wholeheartedly inquinn. It spoils the feel.

Anonymous said...

can u reschedule the "Oh!Feels Young" korean drama back to air

meushen said...

i want original korean version.its more enjoyable.


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