Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Backstage with Lee Hyo-ri

If you are curious like me, you'd want to know what K-pop stars do backstage...when they are getting ready to get on stage.

Check out these pictures of sexy songstress Lee Hyo-ri backstage.

Hyo-ri pulls up those knee high red PVC boots backstage
before performing at the 2007 Asia Song Festival

Lee performing at the 2007 Asia Song Festival

Killing time before co-hosting the
MBC Student Music Fest with Cha Tae-hyun

Hyo-ri does "pong pong pong" dance at the
MBC Student Music Festival

By the way, you've gotta watch Lee Hyo-ri doing the "pong pong pong dance" if you haven't. She's hot!

Pics Credit: MyDaily, Soompi (uploaded by suejinners)

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1 Comment:

rocketfuel said...

my...what big...EYES she has. haha.


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