Wednesday, 10 October 2007

K-popped Malaysians get Restless

If you are not impressed with the selection of movies being showcased at the upcoming Golden Screen Cinemas' Korean Film Festival, listen up.

Tayangan Unggul Sdn Bhd, another local movie distributor, will be bringing Kim Tae-hee and Jung Woo-sung's The Restless (중천) to local cinemas. The 2006 flick will be released nationwide on Oct 18.

Yes, you can fly!

Directed by Jo Dong-oh, the film is set in AD 924, towards the end of the United Shilla Dynasty. The land is ravaged by chaos and violence, and demons roam freely amongst men.

Yi Kwak (Jung), who is born with the ability to see ghosts, is part of the royal army that battles demons. However, a failed coup leaves everyone, except Yi Kwak, dead.

Jung Woo-sung poses his butt off with a sword

While hiding in a shrine, he meets So Hwa (Kim), a goddess who resembles his deceased lover. So Hwa is actually the guardian of the gates of purgatory, preventing spirits from returning to the mortal realm.

She is thrown into danger when an army of restless spirits attempt to crossover to the land of the living. Yi Kwak comes to her rescue, only to discover that the army is led by his former comrades!

Kim Tae-hee's so hot, she combusts spontaneously.
Burn, baby, burn....

Man, the synopsis sure sounds interesting! It's a fantastical drama, no? However, the poster scares me because it looks similar to Jang Dong-gun's The (great big flop) Promise. Ahhhhhhhh.....

The Restless (left) and The Promise

Source: Tayangan Unggul & HanCinema
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rooster said...

The Promise! My thoughts exactly.

I'll faint if there's a kite woman in this one!

Sarah said...

I watched this film and loved it... Didn't expect it to turn out the way it did...


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