Thursday, 18 October 2007

BoA takes home government award

Wow, I never knew that the government would take notice the accomplishments of a pop star.

Top 10 hallyu star BoA will take home the Young Contemporary Artist Award (Minister's Award) from the Ministry of Culture and Tourism for her accomplishments in Korea and Japan.

In conjunction with the ceremony, actress Goh Doo-shim will receive the Okgwan Cultural Medal of Honor and actor Kim Sung-hwan will receive the Hwagwan Cultural Medal of Honor for their long-term contributions to the popular arts.

Congratulations BoA. Make your country proud!

Source and pic credit: KBS Global

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Orchid said...

Both BoA and Rain are widely recognized in Asia (outside Korea). I wonder why Lee Hyo-ri is not that famous outside South Korea...any of her fans know why?

Anonymous said...

hey!I think she got the award cuz her latest album didn't make a hit in the market.May be~


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