Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Bada continues to be a walking fashion catastrophe

Bada's stylist needs to go back to fashion school or something. It's dangerous to let the singer out and about these days especially when she's a walking fashion catastrophe on and offstage!

Nyeh nyeh nyeh, I've got pink tights on!

In the pics, Bada - erstwhile S.E.S. member and stage actress - puts on a glittery ancient armour (hee hee) with pink tights. The 27-year-old was performing at the opening ceremony of Hi Everyone, MBC Every1 foundation on Oct 15 (I think).

The special live broadcast was televised from the Seoul Olympic Park.

Bada performs an acrobatic feat by balancing on
one leg with 3-inch heels on. Ta-da!

Yes, I'm a girl with bad fashion sense. Bite me!

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She's hilarious, gimme more:
Bada plays Esmeralda
Elle Magazine party @ Grand Hyatt Hotel
Bada takes it to the stage

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inquinn said...

ok her stylist might have to go back to fashion school. but what about bada herself? either that she needs basic dressing sense lesson or someone should teach her common sense to not simply don some ugly outfit given by a person paid to actually make you look beautiful

inquinn said...

oh btw dbsk were in msia kpopped! heh. any news on that? u guys should be at the front row seat of the press con, no?

Orchid said...

hi inquinn,

Oh yes, dbsk / tvxq were here for a press conference to promote their coming concert. err...we were...left, right, centre...and not there. :-P

But will do an entry on the Press Con. =) Thanx.

Liz said...

Heya inquinn...really? I didn't know that, but we may be getting something on the press conference. Stay tuned :-)


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