Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Celeb couple divorces after 26 years of marriage

Hey Korean drama lovers. Do these two people look familiar to you?

Couple calls it quits after 26-years of marriage

The man on the left is Lee Young-ha (이영하) and i saw him in Sang-doo, Let's go to school! He acted as Sang-doo's (Rain) uncle in the drama.

While the lady on the right is Sunwoo Eun-suk (선우은숙) and she acted as Lee Young-ae's (Rain) mother in the popular drama Full House. Ring a bell?

After 26 years of marriage, both Lee Young-ha (57) and Sunwoo Eun-suk (46) have decided to call it quits. They have decided to end their marriage by mutual-consent divorce. Lee explained that "As we grew older, our feelings for each other changed, so we thought it would be better to give each other freedom." They have two sons.

Source: Digital Chosunilbo

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Liz said...

Oh wow, yeah...I remember the actors! Ugh, so Hallyuwood marriages also don't last, huh? What are the kids gonna learn these days...tsk tsk tsk.

Well, at least they stuck together for 26 years!! That's a record compared to Hollywood. Over there, 2-3 years of marriage is already considered a long union. :-P

rooster said...

Haha, yea, I was gonna say Liz, 26 years is something!

Mawee said...

Oh yeah, i saw Lee Youngha also on Bizarre Bunch and currently watching Sunwoo Eunsuk on Kimchicheesesmile~
well, Korea has the highest rates of divorce isnt it.. ㅠㅠ


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