Tuesday, 9 October 2007

Dizzy with too much breast exposure at PIFF

Women celebrities took the plunge at the recent opening ceremony of the Pusan International Film Festival. Many of them were photographed on the red carpet with very low cut gowns that left little to the imagination.

A Korean article mentioned "dizzy with too much breast exposure".

What do you think? They should cover themselves up more next time?

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rooster said...

I guess it's ok. Plunges instead of micro-minis!

Flaunt it before it sags!

Liz said...

Men would feel like they're in Heaven. You won't hear complaints from them ;-)

Anonymous said...

But those are not as low as J Lo's Versace dress! ;-)

brian said...

Dizzy? hahahaha...hardly

hanie said...

well, i guess its ok.. flaunt it while u have it...rite...hehehe..
btw, who's in that sexy hot white dress???

Liz said...

Hello hanie, the lady in the barely-there white dress is Kim So-yun.

Check out this entry:


How do I bloody make a link in the comment box??!! Oh kids, excuse moi French.

Anonymous said...

A lady tried on a low-cut dress.

dress-maker: Lady, do you have hair on your chest?

lady: No, why?

dress-maker: Oops! I'm afraid I've cut the dress too low....

illdielaughing said...

I think they look great
there is a point where you should keep your clothes own but i dont think any of the women look bad or inappropriate

Anonymous said...

All but the girl in the red dress looked stupid.

Anonymous said...

Are any of those boobs real? ;-)


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