Tuesday, 9 October 2007

Song Hye-kyo's engagement ring?

You know what? Beautiful Korean actress Song Hye-kyo appeared at the PIFF screening of Hwangjin-y wearing a ring on her left-ring finger and this caused a stir in the whole Korean entertainment industry. ;-)

Is that an engagement ring she is wearing? Who is the lucky guy? Could it be heartthrob and co-star of her Full House drama Rain?

Hmmm....well, the truth about Song Hye-kyo's ring? It's just a ring her stylist asked her to wear - merely an accessory to jazz up her outfit. As reported on Yahoo! Korea.

Song Hye-kyo arrived at the PIFF sporting a ring
which sent a slew of detectives out to work

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1 Comment:

ksw said...

How come Hye Gyo is so pretty and sweet yet has no boyfriends.


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