Wednesday, 24 October 2007

From the sketchpad: TVXQ

Two reasons why I'm a very happy girl this Wednesday afternoon:

  1. I'm 1/3 of the K-popped trio who lives in Beijing and blogspot (which hosts K-popped!) is finally accessible through a normal browser! Those of you not living in China - appreciate the freedom of surfing a web without boundaries!
  2. I 've finally finished caricatures of the TVXQ boys! Forgive me avid TVXQ fans, besides Hero and U-Know, I really couldn't pick out the differences between the other three.
I hope I've done the boys justice. Below is a TVXQ 1024x768 wallpaper for you! Enjoy!

There's also a resized version of Hyori's caricature to fit a 1024x768 screen here!

It is exactly one month before TVXQ performs for us Malaysians. For more pictures of the quintet, head over to Babyboss Pictures, the official photographer for the TVXQ 2007 concert in Malaysia!

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Note: K-popped! celebrity illustrations are only fan art. Just sharing the hallyu lurve.

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inquinn said...

oo rooster is in beijing? i thot all of u are malaysian :)

Rooster said...

Yup, we are all belacan fed Malaysians. I just live in Beijing at the moment.

Liz said...

Yum sambal belacan. Hot! Hot! Hot!...or as the Americans would say Spicy! spicy! spicy!

kpop_rub said...

OOO i like this alot!! Nice job!

inquinn said...

haha belacan fed! that is so malaysian. i even had to bring it with me all the way to merry, cold england.

anyway thanks for the wallpaper! it is soooo cute. and it's good that junsu and yoochun switched position for once :)


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