Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Hyun Bin at Japanese Fan Club bash

Arrgh ... why oh why can't i read Japanese! It's even harder than Korean! They look like doodling and not alphabets to me. Sigh.

Sam-sik a.k.a. Hyun Bin was in Japan on 20th October, 2007 for a fan meeting & birthday party. 10,000 deliriously happy Japanese fans were there to mingle and chat with the amicable Hallyu star. It was reported that they actually had to break it into two separate meetings because of the huge turnout.

I must say, it was a very eventful party. Check out the photos!

Hyun Bin sings for his beloved Japanese fans. He enthralls the
ladies with the Snow Queen theme song plus an English song -
"Wonderful Tonight". Liz must be so touched as she reads this. ;-)

They give out little alarm clocks with Hyun Bin's voice recording
in it to lucky fans.
Imagine waking up to Hyun Bin's voice. Very ingenious.

Hyunbin reads a bed-time story to his Japanese fans -
what else...Han Christian Andersen's "The Snow Queen"

Looking very buffed in a knitted turtle-neck, Hyun Bin chats with fans.
They even get him to reveal what he wears to bed!
It must be some fan meeting. Why wasn't i there!

Source: Soompi Forum - Hyun Bin Thread

Hyun Bin celebrates birthday with fans in Korea

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hanie said...

the japanese and korean fans are damn lucky..
wonder when binnie wanna visit us here???
binnie, come to malaysia!!!!
please.....*puppy eyed*

Liz said...

Sing to me, Hyun Bin! And I'm yours!

Icysnowqueen aka Teddy said...

I seriously think he looks better with short hair. He is so handsome!!!!!!


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