Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Lee Pani

I’m probably the one responsible for bringing the scum of the hallyu to K-popped!

Anyway, we now know that the first Korean Playboy model is Lee Sa-bi (a.k.a Lee Eon-jeong), but do we know who the second one is?

Lee Pani entered South Korea’s first-ever Playboy modeling contest in 2006 and won. As the winner, Pani traveled to the Playboy mansion in the US of A for the Playboy World Team Photo Shoot which coincided with the 2006 FIFA World Cup Germany (*hint*hint* so the photobook is out there boys, but I’m not telling where!).

“With fantastic curves -- 174 cm tall and weighing 49 kg with measurements of 34-23-36 -- she was clearly top among the 17 women who made it to the final. Her hottest asset is a waistline that would make even Lee Hyo-lee jealous.”
– Chosun Ilbo
Oh PUH-lease… she ain’t got nothin’ against my girl Hyo-ri. I don’t know how she got chosen but I can tell you the judge wasn’t Asian!

I rest my case.

Lee Sa-bi, South Korea's first Playboy model

Source: Chosun Ilbo
Pic Credit:
Daum, Asia Fanatics

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Liz said...

Yup, I agree. Lee Hyori wins hands down.

Gail T. said...

lol @ this post filed under "rants"

tiny waistline? have you seen the promo pictures of lee da hae for an upcoming show she's co-MC'ing? her waistline is tiny as well. i think i found that on soompi.

Gail T. said...

wait never mind. i see that you guys already posted the pictures a couple of posts earlier. LOL. my bad. you wouldn't be k-popped good if you haven't seen it. ;) mianhamnida.

Orchid said...

Gail...yeah Lee Da-hae's got a body to die for. She kept it well hidden - all bundled up in the "forever winter" My Girl drama.

Hey...both the playboy models got almost the same name...Lee Pani, Lee Sa-bi. What gives?

Anonymous said...


That's because in Korea and other asian countries, the surname comes first and the given name last.

Sometimes when they come to America, they flip them around. Other times they don't.

Rooster said...

Sabi, Pani... easier to remember maybe? I don't know why Eon-jeong would change it to Sabi though.

What's funny is... 'sabi' is a rude word in Beijing. lol! Then maybe Sabi is appropriate. :p


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