Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Who's beginning to look like Monica Bellucci?

This Vidal Sassoon model looks like a very tanned Monica Bellucci. Who is she?

It's none other than your favourite Korean pop diva Lee Hyo-ri (이효리) with "Baeng hair" (뱅 헤어) for Vidal Sassoon. I could barely recognize her in these shots! Can you?

Source & pics credit: sportainment

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Rooster said...

Wow, that's really straight hair.

Orchid said...

Rooster, maybe it's a wig.
I always get fooled by Hyori's wigs! :-P

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Anonymous said...

Dont know who this Monica Character is but Im certain she is not as hot as HyoRi. I also believe I can say from experience it probably is a wig, she recently cut her hair quite short to the point her extensions were transparent, and I don't see them in this picture, it is probably a wig.

Rooster said...

Ohhh... Monica is sizzling hot in her own right! One of her films was Matrix Reloaded.

Killian said...

I'm sorry but monica belluci is GORGEOUS and not plastic. and Lee hyori doesn't look like her. I won't allow it : )

Anonymous said...

Ah! I didnt know she was the girl in Shoot Em Up, I discussed fervently how she was the hottest woman I've ever seen and no other woman could compare, she actually leaves HyoRi in the dust in that movie. Good lord she is hot. I had to look it up, I feel all revelated now.

Liz said...

Yeah Matrix Reloaded!!!! Keanu Reeves rocks!


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