Thursday, 18 October 2007

Jang Dong-gun on CNN's Talk Asia

Rooster blogged about Secret Sunshine actress Jeon Do-yeon on CNN's Talk Asia awhile back. Well, Jang Dong-gun was also interviewed on CNN's Talk Asia recently. The interview was aired on October 14, 2007.

Jang Dong-gun chats with Talk Asia's Anjali Rao

Multi-talented Jang has made blockbuster movies ("Taegukgi" and "Friend"), four pop albums (now, i didn't know he could sing!) and models for countless adverts ranging from beer, clothes to digital cameras. Jang will be making his Hollywood debut in Laundry Warrior (2008) in which he will be acting opposite one of China's hottest actresses, Zhang Ziyi.

Interview with Jang Dong-gun on CNN's Talk Asia

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H&N said...

Aww...I can't wait for the Laundry Warrior to come out!


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