Friday, 19 October 2007

Get Kim Hee-sun to the church on time!

Wedding bells toll for the 30-year-old actress today as she ties the knot with entrepreneur, Park Joo-young (33).

Since it's touted to be the "wedding of the year" the paparazzi are monitoring the couple's every move as they make their way to the Grand Walker Hill Hotel's Aston House.

Here are some shots taken from StarNews:

Pic taken at about 9.50am today. Kim Hee-sun is reportedly in the
black van. Paparazzi goes nuts.

She heads off somewhere (sorry-lar brudder, tak faham)
and switches vehicles. She's in the backseat, can you see that?

The car turns out to be a metallic silver Audi.

Wow some major vehicle switch going on!

Does Kim Hee-sun like drinking soup? My Mom always says that if it rains on the wedding day, the bride loves drinking soup. Hee hee...

Well, after much wading through Korean that I barely understand, it is reported that apart from Se7en, who will be serenading the newlyweds, Song Hye-kyo will also be attending the wedding ceremony.

About 200 guests consisting of close relatives and friends are invited.

Congratulations to the newlyweds! :-) 축하합니다!

Source & Pics credit: StarNews

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Orchid said...

Kim Hee Sun must like drinking sea-weed soup a lot! It rained at her secret engagement day as well. Hehehe...

Poor thing...being "hounded" by the paparazzi! They are hot on her heels!

I hope the day goes well for her and all those attending. Can't wait to see the pics.

Milca said...

can any body tell me why is he hiding?


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