Sunday, 21 October 2007

Lee Sa-bi, South Korea's first Playboy model

My goodness! You know something, most hallyu stars don’t just gratuitously show off their assets for all the world to see!

You may already know that, but I just realized it. After scouring cyberspace for material for a future post, a treat for the K-popped guys who read this blog (which I don’t know when that would be up as the search is going slow), I’ve finally registered (d’uh) that Asian stars are so much more humble about their bodies. Okay, maybe just the women as the Kpop studs are flashing their washboard torsos left and right.

So imagine my surprise when I found Lee Sa-bi (이사비), South Korea’s first playboy model who posed for the American magazine way back in 2004. Sure, there were other Korean-American playboy playmates way before her, but she’s the homegrown variety.

Enh, I just really wanted to post some eye-candy for the boys. And guys, since this is a PG-13 site you’ll have to further your research from here. ;) There’s not much of her around, but I’m sure your talent exceeds mine so good luck!

Pic Credit: Joins, Empas, Ilyo

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Orchid said...

She looks so much like the actress who plays Seol Gong-chan's (Lee Dong-wook) loyal and dedicated secretary in My Girl!

I really wonder if it's the same woman. But the lady who plays the secretary's name is Lee Eon-jeong.

Anonymous said...

@orchid , i think you're right ! this lady was played as Gong Chan secretary in My Girl. iam sure because i remember back then when i watched the series i admired the way she walked , her gesture .... like a model.

rooster said...

Yea, you're both right! Her real name is Lee Eon-jeong and Lee Sa-bi is the alias she sometimes uses. Woops, I forgot to mention that. hee hee

Ooh, you guys really know your stars. K-popped!

sasjo said...

I thank you for thinking of us guys.

*leaves to do "further research"*

Liz said...

Wow cool...that's really her? And we just saw her in My Girl. She played such an aloof character. The things you learn everyday, huh?

Gail T. said...

she was also in the kim sun-ah/gong yoo movie "she's on duty" as a gangster(?). and she was lovely in "my girl"

Suria said...

Fulamak, I'm with you man, sasjo. Time to do some surfing of our own, eh?

fraulein said...

And i thot i was good ! I know her as gong-chan's secretary in my girl !

Orchid said...

Wow...when she played Gong-chan's secretary, i thought she had such a "regal bearing". Who would have known she used to pose for Playboy magazine!


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