Friday, 19 October 2007

Life as the Wonder Girls is tough, but we ain't complainin'

"We really feel our popularity when 30-year-old guys ask us for autographs. It's amazing. It seems like people have been waiting for easy songs like ours."
Err... eww. That, my dear, I would call ‘grazing the boundaries of being a pedophile’ and not a guy nostalgic about his college years in the 80s after listening to Tell Me.

However the Wonder Girls couldn’t be bothered as they’re enjoying the fruits of their success. But finding fame doesn’t come easy as the girls practice singing after school every day and each of them have gone through a grueling training regime before landing a spot in team Wonder Girls.

SO, what’s it like being the it girls in the schoolyard? "When we sang the song 'Irony,' some students were jealous of me," explains Sun-mi, 15. "But recently everybody likes the 'Tell Me' dance. There's even another Wonder Girls group at school. Five students made up a group and dance to 'Tell Me.' They even asked me to teach them the dance."

Since the release of their second album last September with new member Kim Yoo-bin and being involved in a road accident that left the girls hospitalized for three days with minor injuries, the teen pop group has revamped their image to bring back the hokey 80s flavour of disco-esque beats and bubblegum fashion. Wait, I think there's a Malaysian Chinese term for that... la la mui. :p

They are currently promoting their album The Wonder Years with their hit song Tell Me.

Source: Chosun Ilbo, Wikipedia
Pic Credit: Chosun Ilbo

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