Sunday, 28 October 2007

Love in Asia

What's popping:

Interesting documentary about foreigners living in Korea. Mainly focusing on interracial marriages and how the foreign spouse adapts to life in Korea.

The episode I caught last night had three stories. The first followed Sri Lankan Dinuka as she and her Korean husband, along with their young son Seul-chan, return to her homeland.

The 2nd story focuses on Pakistani Imran, his hearing impaired wife Hyun-wu and their infant son. In their story, we saw Hyun-wu going for ear surgery soon after childbirth so she can "listen to my husband's voice and my son's cries". Awww....

Halmeoni (Granny) Mariam Johari in a pretty hanbok!

Finally, a story close to home wrapped up the episode – the moving tale of Granny Mariam binti Johari (86), a Malaysian native who went to Korea 61 years ago. She left behind her son and two daughters because she was in love with a Korean man. She followed him back to Korea in 1946 and has been stranded in the country ever since.

We saw how after her plea to see her family was aired on TV, she was given legal alien status by the Korean government, issued a passport and sponsored by the TV program to return to Johor Bahru, Malaysia to meet her family.

Reunion: Halmeoni Mariam with her son
Jelani (70, left) and eldest daughter Ramlah (72).

Wow, she got a hero's welcome and enjoyed a grand celebration while she was here. Press conferences, silat (Malay martial arts) performances, kompang (Malay hand drum) and bunga mangga (flower displays) entourage all thrown in!

Family portrait: Halmeoni Mariam with her Korean
and Malaysian families.

Tears flowed freely while watching the segment. What a touching story. Oh, and Granny Mariam kept her promise (although 61 years late) to her youngest daughter Jamnah and brought her many boxes of cookies when she visited. *sniff*sniff*

할머니 마리얌 화이팅!

The plot:
  • Stories about interracial families and their love which transcends borders.
  • Stories about foreign workers coming to Korea in search of the “Korean Dream”.
  • Love in Asia connects Korea to the rest of Asia.

Watch it:
  • KBS World (Astro Channel 303)
  • Saturday
  • 10.40pm to 11.40pm
  • Korean with English subtitles
Pics credit: Love in Asia @ KBS World

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Orchid said...

Halmeoni Mariam Johari looks lovely and cute in the hanbok. Yeah this is a really touching programme. I am so amazed how they all speak Korean so fluently. =) Love knows no boundaries...

inquinn said...

wow. so this shown already in kbs world? haih, my sister must be bummed that she missed it. guess she'll have to wait forever for rtm to really show it there

fraulein said...

Halmeoni Mariam Johari looks so cute!! She looks a bit like my own granny who passed away 3 yrs ago.
*tears welling up *

I remember reading this story in our local SG papers a few mths back and telling my mum abt it.

IN`vincible said...

poppin` in!

i sooo cried while reading the halmoni part, imagine what i'll do if i can watch the show TToTT

- Mai

Liz said...

Yeah, it's a really good documentary. Watch it if you get a chance. :-)

Orchid, I'm sure you will be speaking Korean fluently as well if you had a hunky, Korean man for a husband. ;-) Tee-hee.

I'd probably look at you like you are insane when you bukak your "Koreanese" :-P.

Orchid said...

네 (Yes)

Photographer said...

i simply love this show and i make sure i don't miss any episode. it's a really touching stories. this show give a more understanding about the korean culture coz i be going to korea and live there, so this is an eye opening for me.


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