Saturday, 27 October 2007

Rain Daegu Concert photos

Unbelievable, barely one hour after Bi's Daegu concert, and photos of the Korean superstar performing in his home country are out on the Internet...everywhere! These people are fast. :-)

Rain gives his Korean fans a long awaited concert in Deagu

Yo! There wasn't any problems with setting up the elaborate stage
[Click image to view larger version]

Bi shows off his pony tail

I'm grabbing my crotch, ... so y'all better scream louder!

Bi fans at the Daegu concert

Pics credit: Newsen, Osen

More on Rain and the Daegu Concert:

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Anonymous said...

I don't know why he is doing a Michael Jackson? I can't stand MJ. I hope Rain will just be himself!

pauline hargrave said...

i am tired of MJ wannabe's....move on....asian dancer's have too much talent to waste doing imitations..the choreographers need to stop being lazy and think of some new moves..MJ has moved should some Asian choreographers...i know you can do baby get to it.....i got my eye on you lol
pauline...OHIO USA

rainbowlove88 said...

ahhhh, opppaaaaa saranghae. Oppa looks so handsome in the concert.

Icysnowqueen aka Teddy said...

I agree with Pauline.
I really don't think Rain needs to copy MJ. The choreographers for the concert needs to be shot for making Rain a MJ copycat!

fraulein said...

Looking at the 1st pic, is it just me or does anyone else think he did something abt his teeth/smile ?
His pearlies didnt look this perfect in Full House.

I get uncomfortable when anyone does it crotch grabbing it be it Bi or MJ. It gets the chickies screaming but it's just wrong/not fancy.

fraulein said...

In fact, i think he got have got his teeth done sometime after A love to kill and before releasing album 4. They werent bad to begin with so i'm guessing it was minor dentistry work

Orchid said...

Hi Fraulein,

wow you are really observant. I've always thought Rain had a good set of teeth, but did not notice the dental job. Anyway, celebs nowadays get their teeth done a lot. It's not uncommon. I don't mind. I like a good set of teeth.

But one celeb's teeth that is noticeably "too white" that i remember is Jon Bon Jovi. Hahahaha...

Anonymous said...

oh yes, i totally agree.. jon bon jovi's are unnaturally white ..


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