Friday, 19 October 2007

More TVXQ in Malaysia pics!

Thanks to concert organiser CMG Absolute, K-popped! managed to get its hands on more pics of the TVXQ press conference on Oct 17.

The boys flew into Malaysia for a PC held at Sunway Hotel to promote their upcoming concert on Nov 24. The quintet then flew back to Korea later in the day. Wow, imagine the frequent flyer points they rack up, huh?

Oh, and if you're on Facebook, you can check out the latest on the concert at the TVXQ Concert 2007 event page.

Also, don't forget to join the K-popped! group while you're there. :-)

OK, enough self-promotion and on to the photos!

For those who have a problem telling the guys apart, look at this
picture carefully. Enlarge it, if you must 'cos I'm gonna quiz you the
next time we meet ;-P.

Why aren't they smiling? All that time spent in a flying tube really
got to them, huh?

Left to right: Xiah, Micky, Hero, Max and U-Know give us their
best GQ poses.

Ta-ta Malaysia, but we'll be seeing you again real soon!

Pics credit: CMG Absolute

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Orchid said...

Did you notice that they purposely sit and stand at the same position of their larger than life poster behind them? :-)

See you soon on Malaysian soil TVXQ / TVfXQ / DBSK / Tohoshinki!

inquinn said...

because they do that *all the time*. yea i was amazed when i first noticed that they each have specific position to stand or sit in the group.

Liz said...

How come Hero gets to stand in the centre all the time? Is he the de facto leader of the group?

Orchid said...

inquinn: Thanks for the tip! If they stand in that position all the time, i'll just memorize the positions when Liz quizzes me on who's who! Yes!

Liz: Hero stands in the middle because he is the hero mah. ;-) I think U-know is the leader! :-)

inquinn said...

i wanted to say because he's the shortest but then junsu is of around the same height. and then wanted to say he's the skinniest but junsu and yunho are catching up fast.

so prolly because at first glance he's the prettiest and the only one daring enough to change his hair more often than the no. of times i cut my hair in a year :) i think he's the best bet to attract the attention of ppl who nvr knew of dbsk's existence

Liz said...

ha ha ha, I like your reasoning inquinn :-P

rooster said...

It's all about marketing!

Oh hey, I was just reading some back posts and according to the post titled TVXQ Tops Japanese Music Charts shouldn't we be referring to them as DBSK now?

Aiyo, kepala pening la. It's ok, since we're Malaysian Chinese and DBSK/TVXQ is Korean, we have that culture fusion thing going on.

Liz said...

Hee hee yeah. Initially I thought we'd go with DBSK, but then they are known as TVXQ here in Malaysia.

I gave my "final word" in a later post, which is their profile.

TVXQ profile

rooster said...

Hey, waitasec. Xiah and Micky are not standing according to their posters! >:(

Hehe, okay, you guys will find out why I'm whining about the boys soon.

Orchid said...

rooster...i think i know why you are scrutinizing the guys at tvxq...;-)

Anonymous said...

actually there's a reason on their position of standing.. i saw in an interview that their vocal coach ask them to arranges themselve in that order (it's a long story)..Yunho/u-know is the leader..but Hero is the eldest in the group..he is the supposed-to-be-leader but i think Yunho did great as a leader anyway..^^ most fan call them as Dong Bang Shin Kior DBSK.. Tohoshinki is widely used in Japan or THSK..TVXQ/TVfXQ is the chinese shortform for Tong Vfang Xien Qi..this is only used for commercial purposed and in Chinese Speaking Country..FYI all the names are roughly translate "Rising Gods of the East"

hope this helps a lot!^_^
bertuah nya kamu dapat pgi concert diorang! sya..tak dpt sbab SPM & sya kat Sabah..huhu T_T i'm a big fan of them!!


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