Friday, 19 October 2007

Trivia: Who's rocking the scarf?

Here are some clues:

  1. Pic taken when he was about to leave for Japan yesterday (Oct 18).
  2. His next project is reportedly a movie.
  3. There's a photo exhibition of the 25-year-old in Tokyo and it's running from Oct 17 to 23.
  4. The model-turned-actor will be in Osaka today (Oct 19) and Yokohama (Oct 21) for a couple of meet-the-fans sessions.
  5. The giveaway clue: He starred in Goong
Answer will be provided tomorrow (Oct 20) :-P.


Except for...err, Brian everyone got the trivia right :-). Yeah, that's the walking inferno called Joo Ji-hoon.

The scarf isn't the only thing he's rockin', look at those shades
on him! Smokin' hawt.

Above & below: Photo exhibition of Joo Ji-hoon in
Japan (Oct 17-23, 2007)

Pic credits: Ju Jihun @ Soompi

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remmy said...

It's Joo Ji Hoon!

Anonymous said...

It's that man from Princess Hours. The Prince Charming. Tall one.

brian said...


Tan said...

My guess is Joo Ji Hoon too. ;)

inquinn said...

yea i knew from the start it was joo ji hoon.

Liz said...

Yup, it's Joo Ji-hoon. Check out the stud in ultra cool shades and a peek at the photo exhibit in Japan at this entry!


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