Saturday, 27 October 2007

Rain refuses compensation for Daegu Concert

Rain will perform at the World Cup Stadium in Daegu, South Korea tonight (27/10/2007)!

Rain was named public relations ambassador for the 2011 Daegu World Athletics Championship.

It was reported that the Energizer Bunny refused to accept any compensation for this special concert! What a guy... Hope the concert goes well. This will be the final Rain's I'm Coming World Tour Concert.

Rain Daegu Concert (비 대구 콘서트) Poster

Watch on YouTube:
Rain's Daegu Concert CF

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fraulein said...

It's a great move but i cannot help but think of it as a PR move, esp given his dwindling popularity at home. All the ramblings abt him neglecting /turning his back on the home base to concentrate on his move to the US

Rooster said...

Haha! Dunkin Donuts?

kpop_rub said...

Yeah it was great of him to do but part of me feels like he owes it to Korea. He's so busy elsewhere I know his Korean fans must feel neglected. I mean even as an international fan I feel neglected cuz I love keeping up with his Korean activities!


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