Saturday, 27 October 2007

TVXQ's Yunho hurt his back in practice

U-know (Yunho) from TVXQ / Dong Bang Shin Ki ( 동방신기) injured himself on the 25 October while practicing for a concert. He hurt his back (lumbar vertebra horizontal projection fracture). It is said to happen when there is a strong force/shock to the pelvis area.

He was practicing for The 2nd ASIA TOUR CONCERT the O (five) ~ SEOUL ENCORE. On the 26th October, TVXQ's management company SM Entertainment rep said that it would take Yunho 3 - 4 weeks to recuperate.

SM Entertainment said "Now that we know how is the situation, we think that it'll be hard for Yunho to perform. Even though he cannot perform, he'll be on the stage and he'll sing the ballads, like the previous arrangement (like when he got hurt last time i guess)."

Yunho said "For all the people that waited for the Encore Concert, I really apologize. Even if I cannot give you my best of performance due to this inconvenience, I'll show you my best on stage."

U-know got hurt while practicing for a concert

Take care U-know...and get well soon!

Source: Newsen

English Translation Credit:
credits. Bestiz + BlaisePaige@soompi
Trans. kandiox@soompi

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Anonymous said...

this is bad.
SM should give him a break.
or maybe this guy should give HIMSELF a break.!
he's trying too hard to please the fans. i hope we malaysians will see him in a good condition when he comes here.

p/s: anyway, did kpopped hear any rumour or get any source about the guest appearance in their malaysia concert? ;) LOL. just wondering. i hope there'll be one.

-arinkorin- (sorry, i cant seem to log in =()

Anonymous said...

My friend says it might be Jang Ri In or Girls' Generation. :S

And erm, I thought Yunho hurt his back in a rehearsal instead of a concert? =X That's what I read on Friendster bulletins. Heh. Correct me if I'm wrong.

Orchid said...

Hi Anonymous...thanks for the comment.

Yeah...anyone out there can read Korean? If yes, can translate this original article on Yunho's injury?

The article sounds like he hurt his back during practice, but in the forums, the fans say during a concert. So i am not sure...

Orchid said...

Dear are right. Yunho got hurt in practice. Found the English translation of the article! Poor guy...does Yunho get hurt a lot? During practice and i also read once in an accident.

Straight from my heart said...

yunho hurt himself??..this is bad...yeah he should get some breaks! take care yunho!

cherylchoon said...

anyone know what happen to yunho last year? i heard that he was hurt laz year(2006), but i cant remember wat happen to him, i oni know he was in hospital at tat time becuz of drink sumthing tat cannot drink...any one got detail info on tis news??i wan to know....

Hokensongirl said...

Dear Cherylchoon: Yunho was hurt by an anti-fan in Oct last year. So it's rather ironically he was hurt again around the same time this year. In the 2006 incident, the boys were filming Heroine 6 which I'm sure we've all seen before. The taping went late into the night and during the break, Yunho was given a drink by whom he thought was a fan (fyi, it's very normal for fans to wait outside recording studio and on-site wherever the boys go) and began drinking. Unbeknownst to him, the rim of the bottle has been coated with superglue! When he realized something was wrong along with his manager, he quickly began to vomit what he can. But he was later admitted to two hospitals for stomach-pumping.It is believed that he also had to undergo constructive surgery on his lips. The members had to continue to taping thereafter! However, they were all the hospital that morning and JJ left the latest, around 7/8 am. He was so angry/upset, he didn't acknowledge ANYONE as he made his way out of the hospital. I hope this is informative.

Orchid said...

Oh no, that's just so mean. :-( very sad to hear this. Thanks for the info Hokensongirl.

cherylchoon said...

thx 4 provide me tat information...yunho muz very be careful 4 anything can hurt him lor....all fans sure will very sad if he get hurt again....


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