Friday, 26 October 2007

Rain reveals to KBOOM magazine

In December 2007's issue of Japanese magazine KBOOM Rain answers some interesting questions about himself. He confessed that he greatly desires to be proficient in English, reveals that the way to his heart is through his stomach - and he loves kimchi jjigae (kimchi stew/soup), can't live without his iPod and much more. Read on if you are interested...

Bi / Rain on the cover of KBOOM - Dec 2007
  1. When your mood changes and you feel stress, what do you do to eliminate that?
    Eat delicious food.

  2. Among the familiar things that you always bring with you, what is the one thing that you will be restless without?

  3. Average length of sleep time?
    4 to 5 hours.

  4. Are you a kind of person who has no problem getting up in the morning?
    No, I can't get up, so my dad or my manager wakes me up.

  5. What do you wear to sleep?
    I wear the first thing I grab.

  6. The part of your body that you're most satisfied with?
    My eyes.

  7. In your room, do you use your own posters or pictures as part of the room deco?
    Even though I didn't have any special decorations, one day all of the sudden, I went home and the room was decorated. (is he avoiding the question?)

  8. Do you believe in intuition?
    I am considered the kind that compared to intuition, I believe more in the advice of another person in my environment who has more of a richer experience.

  9. If the earth is destroyed tomorrow, what is the one thing you want to do, who do you want to see and what do you want to eat?
    My family and pickled vegetable pot (kimchi stew).

  10. What kind of animal would you compare yourself to?
    An owl.

  11. What do you hate the most in this world?
    People who are not hardworking.

  12. What are you afraid most in this world?
    Being afraid.

  13. How much do you have in your wallet right now?
    About $200,000 Yuan.

  14. During an appointment, are you the early type? Or the late type?
    The late type.

  15. As you go through the process of aging, which would you prefer? Turning bald or getting fat?
    Getting fat.

  16. What kinds of things did you collect during your childhood?
    Anything that could be exchanged for money, everything, hahaha...

  17. When did you cry recently?
    When the concerts (in US) were canceled.

  18. Something that you desire right now?
    Proficiency in English.

  19. What type of woman do you dislike?
    One who dresses up herself showily though it doesn't match her own self.

  20. If you get married, what is the first thing you want your wife to do?
    (Cook) Pickled vegetable pot.

As found on Soompi Forums, translated from original Japanese by:

Korean to Chinese Translation: EunHye from biwithrain
Posted by azafighting@rainhk
Engish Translation: dsl99a/ rain-usa & sexybi & RainEurope

Learn how to make Rain's favourite dish - Kimchi Jjigae!

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kpop_rub said...

-He needs to sleep more! 4 - 5 hours is not enough for someone as hard working as him. It's starting to show and it makes me sad.
-I am so glad he is satisfied with his eyes cuz i remember before how he had a lil complex about them. I think his eyes are absolutely beautiful and one of the reasons I fell for him.
-I wonder what kimchi stew tastes like, I have had kimchi ramen, I didn't like it a whole lot LOL.
-If he needs proficiency in English I could help him out by being his PRIVATE tutor, if you know what I mean ^_~

Orchid said...

Hahaha kpop_rub, i bet you and hundreds of other girls would wanna be Rain's private English tutor. ;-)

Yeah i heard that Rain used to be insecure with his small eyes. But after he got famous, men wanted to go for plastic surgery to get "small eyes like Rain's". Imagine that! I bet Rain is now proud of his God-given unique set of peepers. Good for him. =)

I like his lips. Very kissable. * muaks *

Bi Fighting!

Anonymous said...

Someone from rain-usa, who's japanese, gave a bit of corrections to some of the Q&A's...Q12:A12-Being afraid...Q19:A19-One who dresses up herself showily though it doesn't match her own self....btw, I love reading your blogs; you guys are hilarious..keep it up!! :)

Liz said...

Thanks for the updates and kind words Anonymous. Yes, we aim to be funny all year round because life's too short to mop about...or something like that.

Liz said...

Aiyah, the way to Rain's heart is through his stomach. I'm doomed. Big time. Where can I go for cooking lessons, especially one that teaches you how to make kimchi stew? :-P

Orchid said...

Anonymous, thanks for the updates! Made the changes to improve accuracy. =) Glad you enjoy our entries. Hope to hear more from you...

Anonymous said...

Ooops! I missed this one...Q4 should've been: Q4. Are you a kind of person who has no problem getting up in the morning?
-No, I can't get up, so my dad or my manager wakes me up.

fraulein said...

Not only i am impressed by this site, I am impressed by the fans who visit this site. i read the same corrections the half japanese made on rain-usa. It's such sharing that makes reading all the more enjoyable = )

fraulein aka lost in translation said...

and i am glad for the translations in to english cos i have a copy of the mag (imma gonna frame it up) but i can only drool at the pics cos i cannot speak nor understand japanese

Liz said...

Yeah, I totally agree with you Fraulein, the readers of this site are so willing to share the information they have and that just makes working on the site even more enjoyable.

Our journey in surfing the Hallyu, hopefully, becomes yours as well :-)

여러분, 아자 아자 화이팅!

Orchid said...

Fraulein! You got a copy of the KBOOM magazine with Rain on the cover? are a crazy Bi fan. ;-)

I have not seen it on sale here...Singapore has a wider selection of mags and media ... =)

fraulein said...

yeah, u're right i am one crazy fan.. = )
My parents went to japan and i asked them to get me a copy...

Orchid said...

Why does Bi carry so much cash in his wallet???

Anonymous said...

Por que el no quiere defraudar a todos sus fans por eso es que T.T...

Anonymous said...

Ooohh Kimchi Chigue is the best n___n i made it for you ^^


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