Friday, 5 October 2007

Rain's I'm Coming 2007 World Tour Concert in Shanghai

Rain will be performing at the Hongkou Soccer Stadium, Shanghai on 06 October (that's tomorrow!). The stadium has a capacity of 35,000. Concert starts at 7:30pm (Shanghai time).

Other stars that will be performing at Hongkou Stadium in the near future would be Sammi Cheng (Oct 20) and Linkin Park (Nov 18).

Tickets for Rain's I'm Coming Concert are priced at RMB 1880, 1580, 580, 380, 280 and 180 respectively.

For more ticketing details :

K-pop singer Rain arrives at Shanghai's Pudong airport

That black & white checked scarf looks very familiar.
He seems to like traveling in it.

It was reported on that there was an
"explosion" of fans at the airport. Wow! That must have
been some welcome. :-)

See you at the concert!
Rain, i hope you rock the house tomorrow night.

Read about the concert:
Rain brought sexy back in Shanghai

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rainbowlove88 said...

Aahhhhhahahahahahahhhh Oppa, saranghae. You so handsome in that scarf. I love you and wanna see you perform! I wish i am in shanghai.

Milca said...

mannnn...he is gonna rock it again!YAYYYYYYYY...Finally I can read news abt him.He is gonna be getting so famous this time now before he come to US.

Anonymous said...

I like Rain, but I think it's funny when he says stuff like, 'Rain is coming all over you!'.

Liz said...

EXCUSE ME?????? When did Rain say that, anonymous? He said that exact English?

Oh dear, can someone please tell Rain to be careful with language usage? He'd get a whole lot of women hot and bothered with remarks like that.

Oh behave, young man. Keep that kind of talk for the bedroom ;-)


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