Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Rain's new official website

When Rain used to be under JYP Entertainment, they hosted his official website at Joyplace. You can visit Rain's minihompy and see all sorts of cute stuff happening there. A minihompy is an interactive page where you can house your discussion boards, purchase little figurines to represent yourself and other objects.

Orchid's pathetic minihompy at Joyplace.
Since Rain left, she sits there alone & inactive. Sad.

Anyway, that's a thing of the past. Rain now has a new official website. It's at http://www.rain-jihoon.com/

If you are a crazy Rain fan, you might want to visit and register yourself to receive e-mail updates. Everything's in Korean though. :-P

If you register yourself, Rain will
personally deliver flowers to ya. Hahaha...i wish!

Nothing much is happening at this new website yet...

Source: MoveOnWithBiRain

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baby blue said...

can someone help me with rain's new official website...all in korean..i don't understand even in one word...plz reply

ladida said...

hi baby blue, r u having trouble signing up? i know there's an easy-to-follow instruction shown in the gallery tab at Rain-USA. Just page thru the gallery til to see a pix titled "rain-jihoon.com". hope that helps :)

deepak said...

BI rain you are beast actor in world


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