Thursday, 18 October 2007

Se7en the wedding singer

Pop star Se7en and jazz vocalist Yoon Hee-jung will be singing at Kim Hee-sun's wedding on Oct 19. The 30-year-old actress is set to walk down the aisle with entrepreneur Park Joo-young.

Se7en will be singing for his dinner at Kim Hee-sun's wedding tomorrow

Kim personally selected the two entertainers for her big day as they are close friends. The Korean beauty met Yoon while doing a TV show and took lessons from the vocalist. Meanwhile, Se7en has been a close friend of the actress since his debut.

The wedding will be a quiet affair attended by about 200 guests. It will be held at the Grand Walker Hill Hotel's Aston House.

Oh and Se7en, who has been in Los Angeles all this while to prepare for his US debut, has reportedly flown back to Korea for the celebration.

Source: KBS Global
Pic credit: YG Entertainment

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