Monday, 22 October 2007

Se7en's video message in English

But before that, I finally found some pics of Se7en at Kim Hee-sun's wedding! He was one of the singers who serenaded the newlyweds on Oct 19.

Se7en with fellow wedding singer Yoon Hee-jung (left)
and actress Kim Bo-yun

The 23-year-old has done away with the blond-tipped fauxhawk and is looking very debonair in his ensemble for the wedding.

Se7en's so hot, other guests start to randomly execute the
mini-bow when he approaches.

Yup, I'm with her tonight. You got a problem with that?

Apart from singing, the singer also took time out to record a video message, in English no less(!), for his Thai fans in conjunction with the release of his 3rd album, 24/7, in Thailand.

The Official Se7en Thread @ Soompi
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Orchid said...

i was wondering why Se7en was posing with those ajummas! Oh so they are fellow wedding singers. =)

In the 3rd pic (quick glance), i thought Se7en looked like Rain (with large bug-eyed sunglasses & short hair)!

Nice to hear him speaking in English. At least we can understand without subs! :-)

Liz said...

The actress didn't sing. Only the jazz vocalist Yoon Hee-jung.

rose said...

Wow, thanks K-popped! Finally I get to see Se7en again after a long time. I'm tired of Rain this, Rain that. Se7en, you rule!

arinkorin said...

haha. yeay, kudos to him for improving his English.
some Korean accent but who cares.
he can survive with that! :)

i would love it if Malaysian could get an English message from him too ;(


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