Sunday, 18 November 2007

2007 Mnet KM Music Festival (MKMF)

The 2007 Mnet KM Music Festival (MKMF) was broadcast live over Korean television on 17th November at 7pm. Read on for highlights of the awards / music festival and list of winners.

Korean singer Ivy received the award for Best Female Artist but was absent.

As advertised, Lee Da-hae transformed
into a sexy rock chick and
sang 'I Love Rock 'n Roll'

Big Bang moved to tears as they accept their
award for Song of the Year & Best Male Group.

SG Wannabe took home the R&B Soul award

Park Jin-young (JYP) made his stage comeback
with a raunchy number.
Inappropriate viewing for those under-18.

Wonder Girls received an award for New Girl Group

Epik High was named Best Hip Hop Group.
Their 2007 album "Remapping the Human Soul"
won Album of the Year.

SuJu bags the Singer of the Year award

천상지희 The Grace accepting their award
for Best Dance Music

Shin Dong-yub and Lee Da-hae hosted the event

Here's the list of winners:
  • New Male Artist - Yun Ha (윤하)
  • New Boy Band - FT Island
  • New Girl Group - Wonder Girls
  • House & Electronic Group - Clazziquai
  • Rock Music - Cherry Filter
  • Netizen Award - Super Junior
  • Ballad Song - Yangpa (Love...what's that?)
  • Girl Group - SeeYa
  • Popular Overseas Artist - Shinhwa
  • Popular Artist - FT Island
  • Best Hip Hop Group - Epik High
  • Music Video (Screenplay) - Dynamic Duo
  • Music Video (Direction) - Jung Il Woo, Baek Sung Hyun
  • Male Singer - Lee Seung Ki
  • Album of the Year - Remapping the Human Soul (Epik High)
  • Popular Mobile Song - Super Junior 'Don't Don'
  • Mixed Group - Clazziquai
  • R&B Soul Music - SG Wannabe
  • OST - Kim A-joong 'Maria' (200lb Beauty)
  • Dance Music - 천상지희 The Grace
  • MKMF Award - Insooni
  • Best Female Singer - Ivy
  • Best Male Group -Big Bang
  • Artist of the Year - Super Junior
  • Song of the Year - Lie (Big Bang)

Pic credits: Newsen
Source: Osen

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Anonymous said...

How come Super Junior won Singer of the Year award? Shouldn't it go to a more deserving group or artist...for example Big Mama (with powerful vocals) or even Wheesung!

rainbowlove88 said...

Eeee, how come oppa's mentor JYP look so geli in the performance one? Yuck, so not handsome or sexy.

Anonymous said...

JYP... i know, he should just continue managing his artistes instead.

haha. you know what the fans want.
of course it will be super junior.

kpop_rub said...

I don't thin Suju deserved it either. I mean they're barely even a singing or music group-- They do all kinds of stuff and every once in a while come together to sing and dance.
But the winners were very diverse! I like that no one artist swept cuz theres so many artists out right now!

Anonymous said...

JYP looks possessed in that pic. And what a horrible costume.

fraulein said...

Songs from Rain's World was conspicously absent i see. Or it that album old news. They shld hv given him at least one teeny weeny award. Even tho his popularity is waning.

So glad sohn ho-young didnt walk away with any awards.

Anonymous said...

hi there.....
i really like the way THE WONDER GIRLS of them has some really smooth moves on one of the videos of them rehearsing...
i must agree the Wheesung should have been on the list...but that's anyone have any info on J-WALK?????

Anonymous said...

congrats to big bang, suju & lee seung gi!!!! my favorite boys :)

Dottie said...

So I'm flooding the comment-box! Sorry! I was pretty upset about this since I am obviously biased as I'm head-over-heels in love with TVXQ and since they've won two years in a row and only getting bigger ~ what the heck happened?!
Anyways, considering all the rigged controversy and mother nature stepping in to prevent the DONG BANG boys from attending, I guess it just wasn't meant to be...

Orchid said...

No worries Dottie, we love to hear from you comment away. :-)

Anonymous said...

Its so sad ...

How come TVXQ does not won anything ...


Anonymous said...

well as much as im a big fan of DBSK, it cant be helped that they didnt win anything i mean for most of the time they weren't even in Korea, they were in japan, so i guess shoudltn they win awards in japan?

Arin said...

yeah. the previous anonymous is right. DBSK didn't win anything bcos they were away from Korea throughout the whole year. They didn't produce any music back then =(. Same goes to some big artists actually, but I forgot who exactly, lol.

MKMF 2008 must be better I guess, big stars like Rain & DBSK are going to make a comeback! :D

Anonymous said...

when is the next mkmf??????


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