Sunday, 18 November 2007

SJ B-Boys Theater

SJ B-Boys is a theater exclusively for B-Boys performances. It is the first theater in the world that only caters for breakdance performances. Korean B-Boys opened SJ B-Boys as part of an effort to develop the dance into a contemporary art genre.

Since the 400-seat theater opened near Hongik University, Seoul in December 2005, tickets for its first performance, The Ballerina who Loves a B-Boy have been sold out for every show! It is said to be one awesome performance. The non-verbal musical features a dynamic story of a ballerina who is deeply inspired by breakdancing and begins to learn it.

"The Ballerina who loves a B-boy" is a sold
out performance at SJ B-boys Theater

Read the review here:

So when you are in Seoul, this production is highly recommended! For details and ticketing, visit the SJ B-Boys Official Website.

The Ballerina who Loves a B-Boy

Korean B-boys

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Anonymous said...

already watched it, though not in seoul... but it's great! ;D

Orchid said...

where did you see it?

Anonymous said...

in edinburgh, this year at the festival.


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