Sunday, 25 November 2007

Bae Yong-joon receives sex doll to relieve injuries

Oh my goodness, this is quite hilarious!

Bae Yong-joon, top hallyu star and the lead actor of Korean epic drama
The Legend sustained some injuries while filming the drama. Actually i am not sure if it is a hand or neck injury.

Well, his fans clubs from Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia decided to send some gifts to cheer 35-year-old Bae up.

Here's what was sent to Bae's management office in Korea via air-mail.

  • An expensive pillow to relieve pressure (relieve what pressure?)
  • A back-support cushion
  • An inflatable life-size doll in a spaghetti-strap dress
The items are from four of his fan clubs:
  1. Joon's Family (Singapore)
  2. BYJ Together (Thailand)
  3. BYJ's Malaysia Family
  4. BYJ Indonesian Family
It's quite a sweet gesture and all, but who came up with the bright idea of the inflatable life-sized doll? Someone in the forum mentioned that it's a sex toy since her legs are so wide apart. Oh no...i wonder what will Mr Bae do with these gifts.

Source and pic: Soompi Forum

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Anonymous said... asian fan clubs are really hope Bae Yong -jong has a sense of wish he had an English speaking fan club....he has a lot of fans here in America..i am probably #1..hopefully anyway.

Anon 2 said...

Apparently, the fans at Soompi and some other spots are offended that people continue to refer to the doll as a sex doll. They insist that the Asian fans who sent it would never send him a gift with something like that in mind and that in fact they didn't even realize there was a such a thing as a sex doll, and that the doll is meant to be a joke to remind Bae that he doesn't have a wife. I don't know--I see both sides. I can see where the Asian fans think it's an innocent gift that is being taken the wrong way. But on the other hand who in the world doesn't know that a blow-up doll has a sexual connotation? In my opinion, sexual or not, it was a stupid and useless gift. It's neither funny, cute nor clever. It's pointless and useless.

Anonymous said...

anon 2, i 100% agreed with u.

Anon 2 said...

And, I forgot to add, it's embarassing to Yong Joon himself. Now he has media and fan groups all over Korea and Japan writing about his "sex doll" gift. It was extremely insensitive and in poor taste for the Asian fans to send this thing to him. Everyone is talking about it and with only one thing in mind--"sex doll". It still confounds me that those fans that sent him the doll are claiming innocence. I'm not saying they are LYING but I am finding it harder and harder to believe they had NO CLUE this doll has a sexual connotation. If everybody else in Asia knows it, why didn't this small group of women know it? I think this is very embarassing for Yong Joon. I really wish they had not done this.

brian said...

How can anyone not know the inflatable doll can bring sexual connotations! Where did they buy it anyway? Sex shop? eBay? Mail order? Supermarket?

Anonymous said...

re:Bae Yong-jong

actually if you read the back of the boxes of the (sex-toys) it says MADE IN CHINA !!!!!!!

Anon 2 said...

You see?? It's EVERYWHERE. I JUST went onto PopSeoul and found this:

The "fans" that sent this doll and making me very, very, very angry at this point. And the same goes for the fans who are defending them with "they didn't know any better" lame excuses.

Anonymous said...

anon 2,i check out the popseoul website...its very interesting yet way to much damaged being done by those fans who sent those gifts....there's so much argument n angry words throwing at each others..among BYJ fans which eventually involved YJ fans .Joon's family n Ms Oh,41 we know u dont mean harm yet....pls there's always a way to show how much u care for BYJ..example sending a wishing card with a few nice comforting words will really helps alot....

Shiorei said...

how do i join the bae yong joon's malaysia fan club?
I want to send him something, too. Somthing sweet. Not something crazy, though.
I can't believe they would dare to send Bae a sex doll. So discriminating.
Unbelievable. I hope to know his management company's address. Please tell me. My e-mail address is


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