Monday, 26 November 2007

Rain & Jay Chou on Modern Music Field

Taiwanese superstar Jay Chou on the cover with Korean superstar
Rain on the supplement cover of Modern Music Field

I got the Nov 2007 issue when I was in Beijing. How could I not buy anything when visiting a big @$$ bookstore such as the multi-level Wangfujing Bookstore (

It doesn't matter if I am Chinese illiterate and can't read more than 5 characters from the entire magazine, the reading materials were so affordable I just had to get something just because I can.

Modern Music Field (Ұ10 = approx. RM5) caught my attention since the Energizer Bunny was on the cover of the supplement.

Here's a peek at the Korean stars featured in the mag.

HK stars Twins play host to Lee Jun-ki. In the pics above,
the Korean actor removes his jacket to put on a Chinese top.

The other events Jun-ki attended while he was in
Hong Kong in October. The actor was there to
his contract with Emperor Entertainment Group.

Brief write-ups on websites featuring Korean stars.

In the supplement we have:

A feature on Rain accompanied with his Berlin photos.

Brief items on Rain and his Dad in Sydney...

...and the handsome Kwon Sang-woo enjoying a meal.

And fan art of the Energizer Bunny.

Sorry for not being able to tell you what was being written about the stars. That happens when you refuse to attend extra classes to learn Chinese, boys and girls.

So next time Mommy or Daddy enrolls you for Chinese lessons, go for them with enthusiasm and don't whine, pull a face or stare at the Chinese characters with contempt. They’ll return to smack you in the face one day and tease you for not being able to read them. Trust me, I know ;-).

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fraulein said...

The section which u circled is soooo great

"Wo Ai pa pa " I love my dad

Wldnt mind laying my hands on a copy.

Need translation? = )

fraulein said...

oops, I meant " sweet" not "great "
; P

kpop_rub said...

Haha you're so cute.. I wish my mom would have enrolled me in Chinese classes when I was lil-- But I am not Chinese or any sort of Asian for that matter and nowhere around here has those classes so I guess it was a far shot-- I just know that if I could read chinese (forget about speaking tones would be the death of me) I would feel really good! -but isn't the love character the only one that matters really? ahaha-
Oh well thanks for the piccies! Rain looks hott and I like Jay Chou too!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely love this pic of Bi oppa! He looks so cute.

Liz said...

Yo fraulein dear, Christmas came early for you this year :-).

Write to us with your snail mail address because we are giving you the copy. We know you'll DEFINITELY appreciate and enjoy it.

Told ya things will get festive at K-popped! ;-)

Orchid said...

kpop_rub: You are Caucasian?
Hey, i just found out that you are a huge TVXQ fan, by going to your blog. You are a huge TVXQ fan right??? :-)

fraulein said...

Hey Liz

I am touched ! But u dun have to... actually i wldnt mind photocopies.. you shld keep the copy as a momento ; )

kpop_rub said...

I'm actually Mexican Mestiza (Caucasian and Mexican Indian mix)
Haha Yes I am a full time DBSK fangirl!

Orchid said...

kpop_rub : Cool. How and when did you first discover DBSK?

kpop_rub said...

Oh it was around 3 years ago I was looking for pictures of Bi(i am also a huge Bi fan) and other hott Korean men and stumbled upon a picture of Hero. I thought he was super cute! But I thought he was a teen actor or something. Later, I discovered he was in a boyband with 4 other adorable boys! When I first saw their picture I remember thinking "they're so cute, I bet their music is terrible" (like an 'all looks, no talent' kinda thing hehe) I listened to their album and I was pleasantly surprised that not only could they sing but they were extraordinary! I have been listening to them every single day since ^_^


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