Sunday, 11 November 2007

Beyonce's activities in Seoul

After a successful concert, Beyonce went to a club in Seoul.

Beyonce goes clubbing in Seoul

Beyonce makes a heart shape with her hands,
her big burly bodyguards stand close
just in
case things gets rowdy.

Beyonce looking very sexy at a meet
the fans & autograph session

Pics credit: Newsen, StarNews

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StarCrystal said...$

A fan asks Beyonce to autograph a CD for Se7en ^^;

Orchid said...

Hi Starcrystal,

Thanks for the link. So cute...the fan was having such a tough time explaining to Beyonce how to write "Se7en". She said the number 7 in Korean...poor Beyonce.

The fan should have written it out and shown Beyonce. Hey...were you the fan starcrystal?? ;-)

Anonymous said...

Beyonce obviously has not heard of Se7en.

StarCrystal said...

lol, that's not me. I found this on daum.

Anonymous said...

Beyonce obviously has not heard of Se7ven.........obviously we don't hear much of many Korean pop stars in the USA..our lost....very hard to find k-pop CD's here also..the only way i keep informed is linking onto K-POPPED!.. i have never heard Se7en sing...seen the name many times....did not know how to pronounce it .....our word for 7 has a V in it lol.SEVEN

Orchid said...

Hi Anonymous from USA,

Here's a link to Se7en's MV's the very first music video of Se7en that i saw and liked it.

Se7en Lalala MV

I guess "Se7en" is pronounced "seven", the normal way. Substituting the "v" with "7" is just a cool way of writing the Korean artists' name. =)

StarCrystal said...

The official spelling is Se7en, but I've seen in some places have spelled it Seven too (ie. music shows or other sites).

Just YouTube Se7en and you'll get a lot of results. He's most well known for songs like "Come Back to Me" and "Passion."

Oh and Noize Trip (production team) have even mention Se7en on their myspaces.

Anonymous said...

haha. so cute!
oh well, i hope later when se7en debuts in US, beyonce will have a thought to collaborate with him. haha ^^
really, i hope se7en will succeed in his attempt to debut in US.
i've heard some critics and i hope those ppl will eat back their words. LOL haha.

-anonymous who is pissed off- haha.


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