Sunday, 11 November 2007

Lee Hyo-ri paid taxes, attends Vidal Sassoon Party

Lee Hyo-ri attended the Vidal Sassoon Style Party wearing black leggings, black boots and a vermilion top.

Lee Hyo-ri at the Vidal Sassoon Style Party

News about sexy Hyo-ri that has been grabbing attention from the Korean press lately is that she evaded paying her taxes last year. This news surfaced when she was in New York, shooting ads for Vidal Sassoon.

Did she purposely evade her taxes?

Upon receiving the news, Hyo-ri admitted that it was true and said she would pay her taxes as soon as she returns to Korea. Hyo-ri also left a message to fans in her cafe Daum stating that she did not evade taxes on purpose. "Because someone helps me with local taxes, it was fine, but I seriously had no idea about national taxes.", said Hyo-ri.

Source: Soompi Forum (Lee Hyori Thread)
Translation credit: scribbles
Pics credit:,StarNews

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hanie said...

shouldnt her accountant take care of that for her???*confused*

Orchid said...

Yeah hanie, i would think that too. Maybe she should hire more competent assistants and accountants!

Anonymous said...

Did she put on some weight there?

Liz said...

Oh poor girl, taxes suck but we've all gotta pay 'em :-). Yeah for someone who earns as much as her, she needs professionals to help do the job.

hanie said...

i wont mind be her new competent accountants..
hahaha..wonder how much salary should i asked???
probably i should start reading korean tax law instead of m'sian tax law..hahaha


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