Saturday, 10 November 2007

Beyonce's concert in Seoul was perfect!

Beyonce Knowles gave her first ever concert in Seoul on 9 November. She totally wooed the Korean crowd and it was reported that she gave a perfect concert. 26 year-old Beyonce was sexy, beautiful and her splendid performance is proof of her tremendous popularity.

Beyonce performs in Korea
for the first time

Miss Bootylicious performed to a crowd of 10,000 on the first night at the Seoul Olympic park gymnastics stadium.

Beyonce sang 28 songs and went through seven costume changes

The concert on 9 November was to start at 8pm but the diva appeared 40 minutes later than the appointed time. However, the crowd was rewarded when Beyonce appeared in a sexy outfit showing off her curvaceous figure to the fullest. Male and female fans went wild.

To the left, to the left...
Beyonce shakes her booty

Beyonce sang 28 songs which includes her popular hits such as
Listen, Irreplaceable and Crazy In Love. After the concerts in Seoul (she will perform again tonight - 10 Nov), Beyonce will head to Taiwan to perform there. She's on her The Beyonce Experience 2007 world tour.

The R& B diva is in Korea together with around 80 staff members, including her father and mother, who are her manager and fashion coordinator.

The crowd got a full dose of
the Beyonce experience!

Pics credit: Osen, Newsen

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Anonymous said...

Beyonce has done it again....she is so talented,intelligent and gorgeous...her personality tells it all.....thanks for the beautiful pics to ad to my collection...hope she was treated well over there...we just love her here in the States......hurry her girl!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Here's a lady who has curves and she's proud of it! Not like those skinny women who aim to be skinnier. Beyonce is so beautiful.


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