Saturday, 10 November 2007

JYP loses 10kg for his stage comeback

Music mogul and Rain's mentor Park Jin-young a.k.a. JYP will be releasing his 7th album on November 16.

JYP has released a teaser poster for his back to stage JYP comeback album. Park (35) shows off his naked sinewy well-toned upper body in the poster.

Determined to look good and get back into shape for his stage comeback, Park lost 10kgs. He will be performing on November 17th at the
2007 Mnet KM Music Festival (MKMF). So mark that down on your calendars if you are a JYP fan.

Source & Pics Credit: Osen

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Liz said...

Yeah, Orchid that was the word that came to my mind when I look at the poster - sinewy. JYP must be spending loads of time at the gym.

rainbowlove88 said...

He wan to challenge Bi oppa is it? make got so much muscles.


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