Thursday, 1 November 2007

BoA, Xiah, Tablo and Jinbora are Anyband

BoA, TVXQ's Xiah, Tablo and Jinbora are the members of Anyband, Samsung's new marketing scheme for their line of Anycall mobile phones. It is said that as well as being the new faces for Anycall, the collaborating artists will perform together as a pop group. Hmm, what will they think of next?

The Anyband micro-site is now up at Samsung's website which apparently seems to be some sort of countdown to... something. Either that or my incredibly slow connection is hampering any site function.

The quartet will be appearing in a CF and MV (ah, so that's what Xiah and BoA were doing in Brazil) soon to be aired on television.

Pic Credit: Anycall

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kpop_rub said...

ahh its a rock band project. They all look so cool cept I can't help but think Tablo looks kinda out of place holding that guitar in rock gear LOL. I'm kinda bummed they chose Junsu over Jaejoong (my favorite) since he's more the rocker of the group. But it was wise for anycall since Junsu is (arguably) the most popular member in Korea. AHHH COUNTDOWN. Such anticipation!

inquinn said...

oh, is junsu the most popular in korea? i didn't know that :) but anyways, i couldn't tell who it was until i read this! ahh, so it's tablo. i heard they're even having a special performance by these 4ppl sometime soon

IN`vincible said...

AAAaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh #@$%^&*()_P)(O*&^%$ [insert more spazz here]HAHAHA
/ sorry!

Anonymous said...

junsu looks soooo hot in it and tablo's rap is the bomb..LOVE the mv so much..


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