Tuesday, 27 November 2007

HALO 3, the Master Chief in Seoul

HALO 3, one of XBOX 360's top games of the year. But how do you get South Koreans excited about an American game franchise that is not as widely known to the public (hardcore gamers excluded) way over there? Go at it the Korean way of course!

Below are a series of kooky videos that feature the intense Master Chief, Halo's main character, visiting Earth and making mischief in Seoul.

Halo 3 promotion Part 1

Halo 3 promotion Part 2

Halo 3 promotion Part 3

Halo 3 promotion Part 4

There are 9 videos in this series. Head over to HALO 3's official Korean website to view them all.

If you haven't played it, HALO 3 is a pretty swell game. Oh, but I think Liz would say otherwise... stuck in that tree, huh Liz? :p

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Liz said...

I like the first and second vids. The one where Master Chief dances with the girl and guy in the subway - it's hilarious.

Yeah, I couldn't master the controls of HALO 3. Man, how do I shoot the enemies when I can't even walk right? :-P

Orchid said...

hahaha ya...Liz walks around like she's drunk in Halo.

Anonymous said...

This game rocks! Yeah!!!!!


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