Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Man gets frisky with Micky and U-Know

Rub-a-dub-dub: Man cops a feel of Micky (left) and U-Know's strong thighs.
Liz says, "Move over ajosshi, I should be in your seat, doing that."

I don't know who the guy is, but he seems to be getting a little too friendly with TVXQ's Micky and U-Know, no? And all this during a photo opportunity during the Culture Industry Policy Meeting on Nov 26!

After a very energetic concert in Malaysia on Nov 24 (review out soon) TVXQ is back in Korea and two of its members attended the meeting, which addressed the decline of the Korean Wave (really? I thought it's getting stronger) and the illegal downloading crisis.

Apart from Micky and U-Know, BoA, Park Jin-young, and members of Super Junior were present.

Ladies first: Micky and U-Know being
gentlemanly towards BoA

Celeb talk: 'And so we were in Malaysia the other day, right....'

Crisis talk: 'Yes, illegal downloading sucks. It's depleting my bank account.'

Discussion: Everyone talks about how many millions more
they could have been making

Mr. Super Producer: Park Jin-young makes a fashion statement

Source: Suejinners @ Soompi
Pics credit: Bestiz @ Soompi

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Orchid said...

Liz, your captions cracked me up! :-)

Yeah, who's that ajosshi. Hands off Micky okay!!!!

And U-know does not look happy. He looks angry...grrrr...

JYP's jacket is pretty loud, yes, but it's better than some of the weird stuff he wears!

Wec said...

i went to the concert. were u guys there? no review or pics from the concert?

however, pity micky and u know for having to rush for another conference..

Orchid said...

wec: Yes, we were there. Review and pics of TVXQ's "O" concert in KL coming soon.

I think it's okay for Micky and U-know...but worse for Xiah!

Xiah's got the Anyband concert tonight - 27 Nov 2007 if i am not mistaken. Go Xiah...go Xiah!

kpop_rub said...

That guy is creeeeepy! I always think BoA and Yoochun look so cute together (i think he secretly has a crush on her ^_~)

Shirley said...

hahahahaa, oh my, that pic totally made my day. Lol. Pervert ahjussi, handS off!!! Cassiopie !! Where are you ? Get rid of that ahjussi.

brian said...

Those boys should have just smacked the man's hands.

Dottie said...

Your article made me laugh and laugh and laugh... My fave is Yunho so it was terrible to see how shriveled he's become... Yeah poor Junsu had to fill in the leader's shoes in Malaysia. But he was phenomenal... That voice and the dancing prowess... hot, hot, hot!

Anonymous said...

great captions! *ROFL*

Waiting anticipately for your review of the concert...has been reading quite a few and they all sucks! *haha*

Yes the Anyband concert is tonite! JunSu having already covered up for leader YunHo in most of the dances durin the Msia concert really need to take a rest after it but I doubt what with the upcoming release of Together. Poor thing..T_T

Cheers, blinkable

Anonymous said...

Yunho really looks mad in the first pic.

Anonymous said...

lol, great post!
Yunho's probably thinking "I only let Jaejoong do that..."

Anonymous said...

i loved your comments, always makes me smile =) and micky is the hottest!!

ladida said...

great captions, indeed! LOL...gosh, the look on that ajosshi's face is somehow hysterical..like what could he be thinking at that instance..."hmmm, me likey left or right?"..haha..sorry 4 my off-the-wall humor..i just couldn't help myself ;->


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