Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Hyun Bin in Europe

I found these pictures of Hyun Bin on Daum. Hyun Bin looks mighty fine and it looks like he is in Europe. Anyone know what ad the photos are for?

Update on 20 Nov 2007:

Hyun Bin was filming a CF for Skybori (하늘보리) - a beverage in March 2007.

Check out the CF on Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zklOcyEAkZI

Thanks to
n d s v n t h for the tip.


fraulein said...

I'm guessing he doing some promos/print ads for a commercial.

These korean artiste mgt companies send their artistes all over the world to exotic countries for photo shoots, dun they?

kpop_rub said...

I have no clue but that last picture his face is *stunning* xD

inquinn said...

did he lose weight? cos i've always been 'just ok' with his looks; despite ppl goo-ga-ga-ing over him.

but hav to say he looks hot(!!) in those pics. a bit like some other actor (i think) but can't recall who

3888 said...

I think Hyun Bin looks different in long and short hair. With long hair. he seems to look older.

Nvm, whether he looks older or younger doesn't really matter, cuz it seems there is sth about his looks that people is attracted to. I don't know what that sth is. It's just that sth.

n d s v n t h said...

he was filming a cf
a beverage brand i suppose..
he was totally super hot in that cf
u guys shud watch it in youtube

Orchid said...

n d s v n t h,

Thanks for the tip!

Checked it out on YouTube and Hyun Bin was filming a Skybori (bottled beverage ad).

Will update the entry! =)

Dottie said...

I have fallen madly in love with K-popped! YOu guys are awesome! My Lovely Samsoon is still my favorite to date, having gone through so many because of it, yet nothing else fares even remotely close. I love all your articles, comments and witty humor. Priceless!

n d s v n t h said...

Hi Orchid..
I maybe late to reply your thanks..
well then, better late than never..
You're welcome...
I really enjoy this blog...
I will really enjoy it more if it has lotsa hyun bin in it...
i read somewhere u like him too.
isn't it?
if yes...then gimme 10...

Orchid said...

* Orchid gives n d s v n t h 10 *

Yes i like Hyun Bin too.



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