Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Pictures of Wheesung at home

I have only recently discovered the 25-year-old talented singer Wheesung. I first saw him performing on Music Bank's special stage with Eru. He can sing, he can dance, he is not bad looking.

Liz has done two entries on him, and we just found out that he will be enlisting for military service this month - so soon?! :-(

Anyway, here are some photos of Wheesung at home. Let him give you a tour of his apartment.

If you love Wheesung and can read Korean, then good for you... But if not, you'll just have to satisfy yourself with these photos of him at his apartment, in his bedroom, kitchen and working out - it's for a magazine spread I think.

Wheesung is still a kid at heart.
He shows us his toys while lying on his bed.

It's the Internet age. Who doesn't get online.
Wheesung with his laptop surfing and checking
out what his fans write about him.

Wheesung enjoying a cup of tea while
reading in his pristine kitchen.

To get that hot bod, he needs to work out...with weights.

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fraulein said...

Contrary to what the tabloids have u believing, I think he's not Ivy's secret beau.

Straight from my heart said...

well we dont know whether wheesung is ivy secret beau or not....but wheesung definately a talented and yet humble singer....he had collaborate with other singers as well such as se7en..his songs is well recommended


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