Thursday, 15 November 2007

Im Su-jung (임수정 )

Im Su-jung (also known as Lim Soo-jung) made her break in a sitcom called School IV back in 2001. Back then, she was a really shy girl. After working with several notable directors and actors in the entertainment industry, she has admitted that she is no longer that shy girl.

Through the years, she has changed a lot. Im takes great pride in her acting and throws her all into her characters. Now, she is a bit like the bouncy Si-eun in Lump of Sugar, a bit odd like Yeong-gun in I'm a Cyborg, but that's OK, and part of her is really closed-up and fragile like the character she plays in A Tale of Two Sisters. She feels like she takes with her a bit of each of the characters she's played and don't want to throw away even one.

Im says "So far, I've been mostly playing unrealistic characters. They were either physically or mentally sick. So in the future, I hope I get to play characters that are more down-to-earth. I'm also drawn to strong women characters." Only 27, this baby faced actress has accomplished a lot in her career.

"If I can have one wish before I turn 40, that is to perform so well that everyone gives me two thumbs up."

Let's get to know this talented young actress...

Date of birth : 11 July 1980
: 167cm

: 45kg (she went down to 39kg to play
Yeong-gun in Cyborg)
Blood type
: A

: Parents and a younger brother
Talent: Piano Playing, Modern Dance
: Magazine 'Ceci' cover girl, 1998


  • I'm Sorry I Love You (2004)
  • School 4 (2001)
Lim Soo-jung Grows Up in New Tearjerker

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inquinn said...

yea, i've seen 3 movies of hers: 1 mentally-ill, 1 the hand a bit cacat, and 1 normal but with a deaf sister. but if u're the leading actress, u're bound to be inflicted with some kind of disease nway

and howwwwwwww on earth did she go down to 39kgs for cyborg? i'm nowhere near 167cm and much heavierrrrrr than her normal weight. sigh, now i want her willpower

Orchid said...

For Im to get down to 39kgs she had to starve. She endured a few months of eating only raw sweet potato and pieces of apple. On top of that, on days when she did not have to go to the set, she went to a gym to work out.

Gosh, how does she find energy to work out with that kind of diet.

Lim Su-jung, 39kg but that's OK

derwent0402 said...

i just had a copy of Lump Sugar, watched it last sunday and she really was fantastic in the movie...

she's the type who doesnt care if she looks pretty or not, very feminine or masculine as long as she could give justice to her character...

Anonymous said...

Her best drama was i'm sorry i love you. currently it is showing on 8tv. xD


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