Wednesday, 14 November 2007

A peek at Lee Dong-wook's birthday bash

The My Girl heartthrob held a birthday party-cum-fan meeting on Nov 11 and here are some pictures of the event.

Lee Dong-wook (26), who will be enlisting for military service next year, sang to his fans, cooked a chocolate concoction of some sort and signed autographs for everyone.

Dong-wook sings to his fans

He puts on a funny "cake hat" for laughs

The "cake hat" didn't get the desired effect so Dong-wook
puts on a pink tiara instead

He moves to the stove to do some cooking

And whaddaya know, makes his own peppero chocolate sticks!
Watch out Lotte!

Dong-wook is all smiles as he ends the fan meeting by
penning a love letter to Liz. Hee hee...

Source & Pics credit: Lee Dong-wook @ Soompi

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Anonymous said...

How sweet of him to write a love letter ;D
That party looks a bit dull though.

Anonymous said...

lee dong wook looks sooo different from when he starred in "my girl"!!! he looks bored lol >__<

Liz said...

Yeah, I agree. He looks bored in most of the pictures. He didn't smile that much as well.

Anonymous said...

hi i actually disagree... i like most is the part where he cooks...he doesn't look bored...i still adore him...


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