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Jung Ryu-won (정려원)

If you watch My Lovely Sam-soon, you'll see Jung Ryu-won conversing fluently in English with co-star Korean-American Daniel Henney. That's because the 25-year-old actress was raised Down Under. Her family migrated to Brisbane, Australia when she was 12.

Things weren't peachy while growing up as the lass didn't fit in initially. She was even spat at when she was in 6th grade. She said: "I was standing at a pedestrian crossing one day and a car stopped. The driver rolled down the window and spat at me, shouting, ‘Go home!’"

While she didn't understand what happened then, Ryu-won became determined to perfect her English and rapidly made progress with the language. A year later, she represented Asian graduates and gave a speech about her experience being discriminated against.

Ryu-won's ambition was to become either a translator or professor but that changed when she returned to Korea in 1999. A talent scout discovered her and promptly recruited her for an all-girl quartet called Chakra.

After she left the group, she confessed that she felt uncomfortable with her sexy image during her years in Chakra.

Ryu-won proved to be a bona fide actress when she appeared in the highly-popular 2005 drama series My Lovely Sam-soon.

Name: Jung Ryu-won / Jeong Ryeo-won (정려원)
Real name: Jung Yu-won/ Jeong Yeo-won (정여원)
Nicknames: Hot Dog and DaRamJue (squirrel) – 왜요?
Date of birth: Jan 21, 1982
Height: 168cm
Weight: 45kg
Blood type: B
Education: JoongPyun Elementary, MacGregor State High School, Griffin University


  • Two Faces Of My Girl Friend (2007)
  • My Boyfriend is Type-B (2005)
  • Emergency 19 (2002)

TV dramas:

Source: DramaWiki & Wikipedia
Pic credit: HanCinema

Jung Ryeo-won to represent Koreans overseas
Tongue-ing it

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IN`vincible said...

i initially like the dramas my name is kim samsoon & which star are you from? because of her... then I read that she went out with junjin and kind-of cheated on him (?!) i'm not sure though~ but i think I still like her ><;;

LW said...

I think her current rumor bf is Jo Seung Woo :/ I like JSW and when I heard the news, I was like eh ??? O_O ...

anyway, she has a sweet face but IMO, too thin... I was like O_O gosh this girl is thin when I am watching Kim Sam Soon...

Ahzasungmin said...

IN`vincible I think you got it wrong.Jung Ryu-Won two-timed Brian Joo of the duo Fly To The Sky.She went out with Junjin when she was seeing Brian.And it happens 2 times.Brian talk about this in Ya Shim Man Man eventhough he never mentioned names, neither Junjin (the hyung he respected) nor Rye-Won.The other guests however got to know about it, after they asked few hints :)
There have been series of backlashing from the fans too..


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