Tuesday, 20 November 2007

JYP in Lust - CAUTION!

Producer, CEO and music mogul Park Jin-young (JYP) made his highly anticipated comeback to the stage at the recent 2007 Mnet KM Music Festival (MKMF).

Here are my views on Rain's mentor's comeback performance.

JYP medley in MKMF [ feat. Wonder Girls ] [ View on Youtube ]

JYP is talented.
He writes awfully good songs.

JYP on keys, sings his catchy old songs, and Wonder Girls appears in Honey spicing up his performance. The beat is just contagious and you just want to get on your feet and DANCE! This man is talented. He writes awfully good tunes.

Wonder Girls joins JYP in Honey
much to the crowd's pleasure

JYP performs KISS at the MKMF [ View on Youtube ]

JYP performs his new single KISS with a horrible falsetto.

Korean male performers in the audience moved to the beat while the womenfolk looked bored. Big Bang members...are thinking...err...should we or should we not get tips from this man, while viewing.

Although JYP intermixes wicked dance moves into his performances, when he wants to be sexy, it does not work man! It just looks icky and laughable.

JYP just cannot be sexy. Even all the leggy dancers
in fishnet stockings cannot help him.

The dance moves - yes
The beat & music - yes
The face - no!
The facial expressions - no!
The outfit - no no!
When attempting to be sexy - no no no no NO!!!!

JYP loves to wear ugly pants. If you don't believe me, check out videos of his older performances where he wore pantaloons and even go to extremes to wear clear plastic pants!

Sigh...i do miss JYP and Rain being in a team. JYP write the songs! Leave the sexiness to Rain or Wonder Girls!

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Anonymous said...

"He looks like a weird retarded guy."
My twin summed it up quite well.

Rooster said...

Yucksss! As grandma would say... cacat!

Orchid said...

~ A, you have a twin? Cool!

So do you guys take turns to comment on our blog? ;-P Or is only one twin into K-pop...

ladida said...

LOL..initially, when I saw the headline, I thought you meant that he had a cameo role in "Lust, caution" with Tony Leung (my fav HK actor), etc..I was like heck no!! really?!..haha..silly me!! ...Yea, he should've stick to producing only & leave the singing to his younglings

Liz said...

The performance was OK, but then he went and made Rain, so all that sexy dance moves just turned into pretty good attempts.

However, yeah, his falsetto is shaky and he clearly ran out of breath there.

Also, the pants must go. Can somebody tell JYP or his stylist that Hammer Time pants are so 80s and only clowns wear them these days.

j A m said...

what does this man think? Well, maybe he needs reality check and get a life man! :-(

Herenya said...

Yea maybe he can be a little weird but so?
everyone is kinda weird and different. you guys are just hurtful TT^TT


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