Tuesday, 20 November 2007

In-flight K-entertainment onboard MAS

We're leavin' on a jet plane...

...don't know when we'll be back again ;-)

K-popped! flew home on a Malaysian Airlines flight on Nov 19. I couldn't help but check out the in-flight entertainment for K-pop stuff. Note: this entry applies to the KL – Beijing/ Beijing – KL route.

Before take-off: An Air China plane was parked beside us

Goodbye Beijing: Chai chian (Mandarin for goodbye) Beijing!
God-willing, we'll see ya again :-)

The MH371 flight didn't offer in-seat entertainment but had an overhead screening system. Thus, you couldn't pick and choose the movies you'd like to watch. Everyone watches the same program being screened.

D'oh!: MAS' in-flight entertainment guide has errors!

However, there's the radio selection to keep you entertained throughout the 6-hour flight. The entertainment guide states that the Korean selections could be found on Channel 9. Don’t be fooled, it was printed incorrectly as the Korean channel was on Channel 8.

Error: The Korean selections were on Channel 8,
thank you very much

Twenty-three tracks were played on a loop, with very minimal interruption from the host of the program, Jae Eun-yoon. She only introduced, like, one song and the rest was played back-to-back.

Among the songs on the list were:

Ballerino - Lee Sang (리쌍)
세 사람 (feat. 왁스) – Lee Ki-Chan (이기찬)
사랑의 인사 – SeeYa (씨야)
My Angel – Fly to the Sky (플라이 투 더 스카이)
사랑…그게뭔데 – Yangpa (양파)
Lover Boy – Clazziquai (클래지콰이)
Cry Eye – Son Dam-bi (손담비)
사랑 앓이 – F.T. Island
쿵쿵 (feat. 태양) – Lexy (렉시)

There were also two Korean movies listed in the guide, but I didn’t get to watch any since we didn’t get to choose the movies :-(.

Missed: The two Korean movies I didn't get to watch :-(

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inquinn said...

haha, that's the 1st thing i do too! check out all stuff korean. aww too bad. have never heard of those movies but not that much of a movie fanatic anyway

but at least the songs are quite good! the kl-london is better in the sense that they have the whole album, but not that many artistes that i actually listen to. the other day i could only listen to se7en, bi, and lee ki chan if im not mistaken.

Gail T. said...

unstoppable marriage was funny. i loved it. :D

Gail T. said...

whoops, i forgot to add. i do the same thing on flights as well. this last one, i didn't even watch a korean movie/short; i chose a japanese film: love and honor with the expressive and handsome takuya kimura.


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