Thursday, 22 November 2007

Kim Haneul vacations in New York (photos)

Kim Ha-neul took a break after filming her latest movie Six Years in Love (2007). Filming ended in September and after that, she went for a vacation in New York.

was in New York for about 2 weeks. She left a message for fans saying that the trip was very rewarding and she would definitely want to return to the Big Apple.

She took a lot of photos while in New York. Here, are some of the shots.

Is this Central Park, New York?

Source & Pics:, Soompi Forum (Kim Ha-nuel thread), Yedang Entertainment

Translation credit: TY_KSW

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Anonymous said...

Gosh she has flawless skin!

ksw said...

Kim Hanul used to act with Kwon Sangwoo sshi right?

Anonymous said...

i love Kim Ha Neul. i think she's one of the prettiest Korean actress i've seen and a talented one too.

hanie said...

she pretty even w/o make up
sooo jealous

Anonymous said...

she is something and WOW..New York some more..a good place for resting and shopping..:p

Orchid said...

hey since so many K-pop stars go to New York on holidays, it's a great place to spot Hallyu stars!

Maybe we can go there one day... :-)

kaitlin choi said...
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Orchid said...

Thanks Kaitlin. Welcome to K-popped! Are you from New York?

kaitlin choi said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

wow!i reaaallly love Kim Ha-neul!.i wish she would have more movies and K-dramas!..she is so beautiful!i am a great fan of her!


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