Thursday, 22 November 2007

PETA pounces on Rain

Sigh, when there are lovers, there are always haters.

Bi the Energizer Bunny was recently slammed by PETA for wearing a fur on stage, dubbing him a "caveman". In a letter to the 25 year old pop sensation, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) said:-

"You have said that you want to show American women 'how sweet and loving Asian men are'. Correct us if we're wrong, but wearing fur is anything but 'sweet' and there is no 'loving' way to rip the skin off a still-twitching animal.

And although you have likened yourself to SexyBack singer Justin Timberlake, you are anything but sexy for wearing the fur of tortured animals on your back."
*Blech*, Timberlake. And although I realize PETA's cause is a good one, they just get on my nerves.

Source: Yahoo News
Pic Credit: Asia Fanatics Gallery

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Orchid said...

Rain wore fur at one of his concerts? Hehehee...i didn't know. Looks like those "American women" have been watching him in action! =)

I don't think Rain deserved to be slammed like that for wearing fur. Thousands of other women wear it i bet.

Anonymous said...

I'm somewhat puzzled by PETA's accusation. I've watched his Daegu concerts on YT not too long ago & from my recollection, I don't recall anything furry on him...& now I'm rampaging thru my brain --going back to his other guest performances (asia festival, cctv,etc), nahh, I don't really remember seeing fur on those nights too...hmmm, maybe they're referring to his latest CK shoots - I think one of the jackets he wore may have fur trimmings at the tip of its hood or smthg....but yea, more than anything I'm just surprised that they know who he is & to single him out like that among many asian stars who wore furs to events & such (stating purely out of vague memory, but I thought I saw pics of famous actress wearing furs during shoots, galas, etc, on this site; of course, you can correct me on this too)..anyway, I know this isn't positive press for Rain, but hey at least he knows he's generating more fame (in the western world, that is) than he think he already has, right?

kpop_rub said...

LOL I am a vegan and I try to remain as "cruelty free" as possible in my daily life and I would never defend the use of fur-- BUT I think part of it might be a cultural thing. I always know its winter time in Korea cuz I notice that Korean stars start appearing with ridiculous amounts of fur worn in the most creative ways. This is pretty taboo in the US. Sure, there are plenty of stars that do wear fur but it's not as common to see on TV as with Korea because there is a huge anti-fur community in the US that include peta supporters and various other groups. So I just think Bi should know that if he wants to make it in the US, the US is not as fur friendly as his homeland ^_^ I know because alot of my friends are animal rights activists and they protest these fur wearing stars ALOT.
I don't think its appropriate for peta to bring the issue of race into this debate-- like "youre a bad asian cuz you like fur-- dont you want people to like asians? No one could love a fur wearing Asian man" that's so silly and discriminatory but hopefully some positive will result and Bi will think twice about wearing animal pelt. Cuz unless you're in the wilderness, desperate for clothing, fur is a lame idea xD

Liz said...

Poor Bi, but it's OK, we make mistakes. So remember now, Energizer Bunny, when in Rome, do as the Romans do.

fraulein said...

Lots of designers still make models wear their fur designs on the runways in london, paris, milan, etc but Bi gets a warning?
Why don't they issue a warning to these designers or show organisers first?

fraulein said...

This Bi fanatic has seen lots of Bi's photos but i dun recall seeing him wear fur.

This story was featured as a kicker at the end of the prime time news last night ; (

Rooster said...

Yea fraulein. I was scouring the net looking for a picture of Bi in fur but couldn't find any.

Sigh, I adore animals and oppose the fur trade BUT... I have a few bitter words for PETA activists I'd rather keep to myself for now. Blegh... bad memories of university days surfacing. Ack!


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