Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Kim Yun-jin most searched actor on IMDb

Korean actress Kim Yun-jin or Yunjin Kim (as she is known in the States) is the No. 1 celebrity searched on IMDb (The Internet Movie Database). IMDb is America's top movie database site. Actually we in Malaysia use it a whole lot too!

Kim who shot up to world stardom for her role in the US drama series 'Lost,' was introduced in the portal's Born Today corner on Nov. 7 when she turned 34.

Hundred of film celebrities were born that day but to select Kim as the main search term reflects her popularity.

According to a report on MyDaily, statistics that were observed a few days before 11 Nov, it was found that Kim's profile was the most searched, followed by
Denzel Washington who came up 2nd.

Kim Yun-jin is most searched on IMDb

Kim Yun-jin's popularity in the USA is due to her portrayal of a Korean wife stranded on an island in the hit ABC series
Lost. She has not appeared in any Hollywood movie productions yet. Kim will shoot season 4 of Lost in Hawaii.

Source & Pic credit: MyDaily
Also at: KBS Global

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Anonymous said...

I think a lot of people are intrigued by her Oriental beauty and there's just a mystery about her. She is definitely a rising star (if not already a star in Hollywood). I hope she works on a couple of movie projects in the near future. She has what it takes to become an A-lister in Hollywood. All the best to Miss Kim.

Anonymous said...

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official world porn star.
She achieved profound success
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is the queen of the Porn star.

Anonymous said...

Yunjin Kim definitely has her
fame and fortune through her stuff
photo shoot and porn sex star image...
Not as Lost star as Sun.


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