Monday, 5 November 2007

Lee Dong-wook (이동욱)

The My Girl heartthrob is holding a fan meeting-cum-birthday party on Nov 11, 2007 - apparently, his final fan gathering before being shipped off to military service next year. Wait, what's that sound, I hear? Ah, the hearts of a million girls breaking ;-P.

(By the way, Dong-wook's birthday is tomorrow).

Hang in there ladies, I'm sure the 26-year-old will leave us with a parting gift before he dons his uniform and shiny boots.
It is said that he is working on a movie with Love Truly sweetie Eugene. The flick is entitled The Man Book 198 Pieces (yes, please, don't ask).

There's very little about the model-turned-actor in English so this is about all I have for you.

Dong-wook sshi, I'm sure your birthday bash will be fantastic as fans from the Philippines, Singapore and Thailand are planning to make the trip to Korea to see ya. Eh, orang Malaysia ada pergi tak? (Hey, any Malaysians going?)

Name: Lee Dong-wook
Date of birth: Nov 6, 1981
Height: 185cm
Weight: 78kg
Blood type: B
Education: Saejung University


  • The Man Book 198 Pieces/ Page 198 in His Book (2008)
  • The Best Romance (2007)
  • Arang (2006)

TV Dramas:
  • Bittersweet Life (2008)
  • My Girl (2005)
  • Hanoi Bride (2005)
  • Precious Family (2004)
  • Island Village Teacher (2004)
  • Merry Go Round (2003)
  • Alcohol Land (2003)
  • Loving You (2002)
  • Honest Living (2002)
  • Let's Go (2002)
  • Drama City - Happier than Heaven (2001)
  • A Dreaming Family (2001)
  • Pure Heart (2001)
  • School 3 (2000)
  • School 2

Source: Wikipedia & Lee Dong Wook @ Soompi
Pic credit: Premiere

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Gail T. said...

yay, a fan-meet! *hopeful* will we see Da Hae there?

Icysnowqueen aka Teddy said...

I love My Girl. The show is really good. Lee Dong-wook is very cute when he smiles. I like Lee Jun Ki too.

Caryn said...

12.01 am
haha, happy bday dong woook.

happy sweet 26th mcx!

Jasmine_Wook^_^ said...

WAH!!! Why wat will happen when he joins the military? Aww too bad i was taking korean tutoring and was going to work at Korea and go to his fan club. *sob* too bad it was his final birthday fan bash party... Guess only films will do if i won't see him even when afar ^_^
Can i at least have ur email/yahoo messenger? *sob*

dong wook fan girl said...

What???? Military service? He is joining the military? I did not know this until I read this.Please tell me if he really is joining the military! Anyways, For all the people that met Lee Dong Wook at the fan meet, you are so lucky!It is one of my dreams to meet him.Oh, and Happy Birthday Lee Dong Wook!!!!!

Elly said...

Wonder when will he and the rest will come to visit Malaysian fans? He went to Indonesia last year. But then again...will i be able to go...with 2 handbags to carry!!??!lol :p


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